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Body Sculpting crème helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite by smoothing and  firming loose body skin, in some instances  with measurable inch loss.
Cellulite goes by a number of scientific names but most clients describe it as “a dimpled or lumpy look.” Cellulite usually presents on the buttocks, thighs and lower abdomen, and occasionally on the breasts or upper arms. The condition is caused when fat cells accumulate or enlarge in between the connective tissue. The fat cells push up against the skin increasing poor circulation and lymphatic drainage, producing the dreaded “orange peel dimpled appearance”. Cellulite is a condition that affects about 90% of women, including slim and fit women. It is driven by age, genetics, race, stress, diet and lifestyle. Not for use on diabetics or pregnant women.

Size: 120ml (4oz)

Callous Creme is a hand and foot crème designed for calloused, dry and cracked skin. It maintains smooth skin on the feet between MediPedi® Treatments.
It can be used on calloused or cracked skin on hands, feet and other places on the body. It is recommended for those concerned with corns and dry cuticles.
Excellent crème to be used in conjunction with our MediPedi®. Its strong desquamating properties minimize dry and dead skin, can be used on the feet as a hand and cuticle crème and on dry knees or elbows. It is also beneficial for folliculitis on the upper arms and legs, as well as ingrown hairs on the bikini line.
Size: 60ml (2oz)

Deeply nourishing and hydrating, maximum moisture contains avocado oil and corn oil which are both rich sources of lipids. It also contains nourishing proteins and vitamins as well as peppermint oil for cooling and soothing. maximum moisture is also great to extend the life of a spray tan without a greasy after feeling. When used in conjunction with the Hydra Louffa, it is designed to be an effective body treatment for very dry skin. When used together skin will become silky smooth.

Size: 240ml (8oz)

Hydra Louffa is a superb, refreshing body cleanser and exfoliant in one.  It can be applied directly to the skin while showering or enjoyed in the bath. Effective for skin conditions such as acne breakouts on the back, chest or anywhere on the body as it contains no harsh ingredients. The cleanser also works well on recently waxed skin to prevent in-grown hairs. It can be used as a shampoo to treat dandruff and is great for preparing the skin for a spray tan ensuring a long-lasting even coverage.

Size: 240ml (8oz)

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