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                                                       Discover a transformative skincare experience with Sandra Pacheco, a licensed Esthetician in

                                                       the State of California, and a certified Paramedical Skin Therapist trained by DMK and

                                                       Oncology Spa Solutions.

                                                       Specializing in Oncology Esthetics, Sandra is part of an elite group of licensed Estheticians in the    

                                                       US dedicated to the unique needs of individuals undergoing or recovering from oncology

                                                       treatments. Your skin deserves the expertise of an Oncology Trained professional to ensure a safe

                                                       and effective experience.

💫 Why choose Sandra? With extensive knowledge and continuous training, Sandra accurately identifies skin conditions and addresses client concerns, including pre and post cosmetic surgery recovery and scar revision. Her commitment to excellence is evident in the real results she delivers.

Traditional cosmetic facials merely touch the surface, but Sandra's DMK Paramedical Procedures go deeper. Using pure super critical botanical ingredients, these procedures work with the internal function and structure of the skin, offering a concentrated and higher-grade solution compared to general cosmetics. No lasers, physical exfoliants, or surgeries – just a commitment to healthy, radiant skin.

🌿 Our Concept: Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain Embark on a journey of total skin revision. Your first appointment includes a professional consultation to understand your concerns and expectations, tailoring a treatment program specifically for YOU. Commit to healthy skin, and watch how it transforms your life.


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